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Wood LexcoCase Pocket Cigarette & Vaporizer Cases


Portable, convenient solid wood carrying cases are like personal, portable humidors protecting your rolled smokes or vaporizer pens from damage, breakage, and visibility safely until you choose to open it. Solid hardwoods.

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Never again will you arrive at a party or festival only to discover your carefully rolled smoke has broken and lies loose in the lint of a pocket. Our elegant solid wood pocket cases are designed to hold one, two or more hand-rolled cigarettes, cigarillos, blunts, fat bobs or pen vaporizers.

Each is safely protected in an individually routed channel within the wooden case which opens easily only when you are ready. Available to accommodate five different sized rolled or pen products in groups containing one or more chambers. Made of solid hardwoods.

A – holds hand rolled medium cigarettes or 1 1/4 size rolling papers

B – holds blunts or electronic cigarettes

C – holds filter cigarettes or 100 mm cigarettes or king size rolling papers

FB – holds hand rolled fatties/bombers

VP – holds vape pens

Additional information

Weight0.04 lbs

A, B, C, FB, VP

Chambers Per

1, 2, 3, 5, 20, 30, 50