The world’s best herb grinder, the premium, award-winning Mama P’s Classic Grinder in gleaming metallic color is elegant and classy on top of being simply the finest herbal and spice grinder made anywhere.

Each Mama P’s grinder is precision milled with recycled aircraft aluminum in the good old USA (Spicewood, TX). Like every Mama P’s top of the line Classic and Custom Grinders a color matching magnetic & refillable Lighter Mate butane lighter comes standard fitting perfectly into the top stage. When removed it reveals a convenient and functional ash tray designed to hold a pipe perfectly.

One of the unique features of Mama P’s grinder is a replaceable screen of 60 micron Titanium. When the screen on every other grinder in the market get’s clogged, bent and damaged over time, a whole new grinder is the only option. With Mama P’s we simply remove the old screen and replace it with a brand new one for a very modest service fee. Everything else in a Mama P classic or color grinder is covered by a 100% lifetime warranty.

Other features that earned it the High Times BEST GRINDER honors include having the deepest well of any hand grinder on the market and super smooth, easy grinding operation you must feel to believe.

Magnetic airtight seal keep contents fresh and makes spilling almost impossible. Anodized color finish. Costly to produce yet a tremendous value bargain as it’s designed and manufactured to last a lifetime or more under normal use so comes with a Lifetime Warranty.

We are currently out of stock on all solid color Mama P grinders.