Only the best herb grinder can earn 7 sequential Cannabis Cup Best Product awards and only Mama P’s Wholesome Grinders own that honor.

Mama P’s Custom Classic Two-color Herb Grinder has all the awesome features of the award winning Classic, but also has two free form layers of anodized color making each grinder a one of kind, unique spectral sculpture.

Available in the range of color combinations, each is an original unique work of art. No two are alike due to the unique hand painted resist anodizing process.  Match your favorite room’s decor or simply express your personality, each Mama P’s Custom Grinder moves way beyond smooth and efficient function into the realm of creative self-expression. It’s no surprise that High Times magazine and independent bloggers and reviewers like Farmer John 420 rate it the “world’s best herb grinder, period.”

Combine it’s artistic beauty, with it’s awesome smooth operation and effectiveness and built in ashtray, pipe holder, replaceable 60 micron Titanium screen (the ONLY pollen grinder with a replaceable screen), the deepest bottom stage pollen collection tray of any on the market.
How does one create a reputation in a crowded market for the Best Herb Grinder anywhere in such a short time.

• Make it with an obsession for excellence and flawless performance.

• Build in features that make it more useful and functional than any of the competition such as mating it with a Lightermate lighter that fits perfectly into a built-in ashtray when not in use, that also holds any pipe.

• Make it airtight when closed and build in rare earth Neodymium magnets to eliminate spills.

• Find the weakest link in typical grinders (the screen) and do it one better in materials (pure titanium rather than weaker stainless steel) and function (replaceable rather than ruined once the screen gets funky from normal use).

• Offer a lifetime warranty on every sale.

That’s how Mama P’s earned the right to the claim of being the world’s best herb grinder – besides winning seven Cannabis Cup Awards for Best Product!

Call for quote on adding more colors! Your imagination is our limit!

Custom orders will still be accepted with expected manufacturing and delivery time within 30 days so order now.