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Deluxe Dragon Roll Nubler


(2 customer reviews)

2 reviews for Deluxe Dragon Roll Nubler

  1. Marc

    A little pipe with a buil in ash catcher. Where have you been all my life. Get one.

  2. Jeffrey Allen Greene

    Marc, I purchased one of these as a gift for a friend when I met you recently [email protected]’s Hill-Harvest-Ball in Maine over Columbus Day Weekend. I had a great time up there, although as you might surmise, this wasn’t my 1st time up at “The Hill”. I’ve gone to your website a couple of times already & I not only think that you have wonderful products, but I also love your infomercials. While that festival, which has been around for quite a while now,may not be big enough for your needs as a business, nevertheless, I’m glad that you decided to do your thing up there anyway & that I had an opportunity to meet you.Best of luck in all of your ventures & adventures. If the fates are kind, our paths will intersect again. Until then, be good pardner. PEACE.jag

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