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    Slap Mate

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    Introducing the stylish Slap Mate! Not only a fashion statement but a revolutionary way to pass your pipe with any lighter magnetically affixed to the pipe.
  • The Happy Daddy Bowl Buddy tool features a bent scraper on one end and long tapered narrow flat tip on the other.
  • Baby Buddah Smokers Tool

    The Happy Daddy Baby Budda pipe  & smoker's tool is so handy and versatile you'll wonder how you got along without it. Select from stainless steel or titanium when you place your order. Watch here for an independent review of this tool and others we offer.
  • Pipe Pal

    The Happy Daddy Pipe Pal™ tool features a taper ending in a flattened point on one end and versatile "hockey stick" cleaning, scraper blade.
  • Bullet

    The Bullet is a pocket-sized vape featuring a futuristic design and a one-button activation system for immediate vaporization while on the go. The all new bullet comes with a Dual Quartz Rod Heating Chamber w/ Titanium Coils for the cleanest purest taste. The perfect instrument for smoking dry herbs. Bullet includes a Micro USB charger and a Packing tool so you’ve got everything you need right out of the box! Best of all it comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY on all its parts!
  • The Kind pen is perfect for personal use, and easily fits in the palm of your hand. The Kind Pen affords the capacity to vaporize an array of concentrated essential Oils, e-Liquid Oils and Dry Herb at home or on the go! Available in white, grey, green or black. Please specify color when ordering. Lifetime warranty
  • Big Buddah

    The Happy Daddy Big Budda pipe  & smoker's tool features a deep bowl on one end and versatile cleaning, scraping tip on the other.