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  • Mama P’s Classic Herb Grinder

    The world’s best 4-stage herb grinder, the premium, award-winning Mama P’s Classic Grinder in gleaming metallic color is elegant and classy on top of being simply the finest herbal and spice grinder made anywhere.
  • Li’l P Pollen Press

    Mama P's Herbal Grinding System is the only complete modular system for processing and preparing herbs for use in a full range of forms. The Li'l P Pollen Press Accessory directly connects to any Mama P's Custom or Classic Grinder for near instant and clean compression of pollen and keif into pressed cake form for vaporizing, dabbing or smoking.  Made of recycled aluminum in Spicewood, TX. Order NOW to take advantage of our FREE SHIPPING promotion happening now. If you order with any Classic or Custom grinder you'll save even more with a free Grindson cleaning tool too.
  • NOW When you order the Custom Two Color Classic Grinder you will also get FREE a Happy Daddy's Grindson tool for a savings of $20 over regular prices.