THCV Health Information

THCV is a cannabinoid that has gained attention for its health benefits. Research findings show great therapeutic potential in this compound including weight loss, regulation of Diabetes and as an aid in quitting cigarettes and nicotine. 

THCV and Weight Loss 

THCV contributes to weight loss by decreasing appetite, suppressing hunger pangs and increasing metabolic energy which could possibly burn calories. The Harvard Medical School health blog says it “is potentially exciting because it may support efforts to treat our obesity and diabetes epidemics. There is robust animal data that it lowers fasting insulin levels, facilitates weight loss, and improves glycemic control”. Moreover, in human clinical trials it has shown no side effects of any significance. (1)

THCV and Type 2 Diabetes

A prominent UK study in conjunction with Oxford and their National Institute for Health Research indicates that THCV aids in controlling blood sugar (glucose) levels and improving insulin levels. It concluded that “THCV could represent a new therapeutic agent in glycemic control in subjects with type 2 diabetes”. (2), (3)

THCV and Quitting Smoking - Nicotine

A 2019 study with animals indicated that THCV could be very promising as an aid to quit nicotine addiction. It concluded that it “may have therapeutic potential for the treatment of nicotine dependence”. (4)







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